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Medical Emergency

Personal Emergency Reporting System (PERS)

PERS2400AThe introduction of the original Linear PERS-2400 signaled a new era in the PERS market. The product included comprehensive crisis reporting, smoke detection, superior two-way voice reception and quality, and full system supervision. Evolution of the product resulted in the PERS-2400B – now enhanced to provide even more versatility.

The PERS-2400B Personal Emergency Reporting System is a supervised wireless emergency reporting product. The table-top or wall-mount Console provides pushbutton emergency assistance to anyone who desires additional security and peace of mind. For the visually impaired, each button on the Console is molded with braille characters to identify the button’s function.



The SentryPal is for the user on the go. Coverage is nationwide. Communicate directly through the two-way voice, water-resistant pendant. The pendant is small and lightweight.

The SentryPal is excellent for individuals that are aging in place, mobile health, tele-health, lone worker protection, child safety & protection, first responders, law enforcement and many others.