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Home Security

7 Ways Technology is Changing Home Security

Technology has radically changed the way we protect our homes. What was previously only possible in Sci-Fi movies is now gradually becoming reality. The digital revolution has made its way into our homes.

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4 Ways Technology Can Better Your Home Security

More and more cases of home burglary are being recorded on a daily basis. Door locks, guard dogs, and intrusion alarms aren’t getting the job done anymore and people are looking for an alternative. Fortunately, with the advent of smart home security technology, people can put their minds at ease with a system that actually works.

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The Future of Home Automation

Even though home automation isn’t a new industry, it still isn’t a standard for most homeowners. Considering that personal electronic devices like smartphones and tablets are in our hands or pockets all day long, it seems only natural that home automation—which can easily interact with these personal devices—is close to being just as important to homeowner, too.

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How to Get Started with Home Automation

“Home automation” is a category that can span really simple to extremely complex tasks depending on who you ask. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by jargon and devices and standards. The simplest way to wade into home automation is eliminate the clutter and focus on what you actually want to do.

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